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"Show Me Some Love Dear!~" Yoai RP™

"Show Me Some Love Dear!~" Yoai RP™

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DEL ADOPT MEH PLZ By AdorableSmolChild Updated 3 hours ago

Bois fucking boi.

The_real_frisk The_real_frisk Nov 30, 2016
Name: Tyler
                              Age: 16
                              Gender: male 
                              Personality: slutty, pervy, kind, caring
                              Likes: games, food, friends
                              Dislikes: jerks, bad food, 
                              Position: seke
                              Turn on: sex, slutty things, mild sex, sex toys, spanking
                              Turn offs: very rough sex, hitting
_yashiama_kille_ _yashiama_kille_ Nov 22, 2016
Tsuname kille 
                              Shy,quiet,low self-esteem,hides his feelings,a bit mysterious at fines,easily flustered,bipolar 
                              Likes:his crush,singing,listening to music
                              Dislikes:being ignored,being alone,
                              Looks:4'11,scrawny,pale,white hair,one blue eye one hazel
Leviathan1252 Leviathan1252 Dec 06, 2016
                              Personality-perv demanding 
                              Dislikes-people who disobey 
                              T on everything 
                              T off nothing
gerardxxfrank gerardxxfrank Oct 18, 2016
Name: Jackson
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: Male
                              Personality: Kind, sweet, somewhat perverted, easily annoyed 
                              Likes: Candy, cute guys, animals
                              Dislikes: When girls flirt with him, gossip, rude people
                              Sexuality: Gay
                              T-ons: Anything
                              T-offs: 'Nothing
BaileyMichaud2 BaileyMichaud2 Oct 10, 2016
Name : Stan Izumi
                              Age : Depends on role-play
                              Gender : Male 
                              Personality : Kind, creative, understanding, and can be flirty 
                              Likes : Art, music, and friends
                              Dislikes : Mean people 
                              Sexuality : Bisexual
                              Seme/Seke/Uke : Seke 
                              Turn on : Almost anything
                              Turn off : Body waste, and necrophilia
prettykitty554 prettykitty554 Oct 22, 2016
Name kyo
                              Age 18 
                              Gender male 
                              Personality weird serious is easily made mad protective if his friends family and anyone younger than him
                              Likes friends family fun stuff 
                              Dislikes mean people being bugged 
                              Sexuality gay
                              Turn ons moaning ruffness any sort of kinks 
                              Turn offs being to gentle