I Will Always Give You Wings [Yoosung X Reader]

I Will Always Give You Wings [Yoosung X Reader]

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Eun Nae Ame By AME_MeansRain Updated Oct 06, 2016

Because of your kind and caring attitude, you innocently followed a stranger's plead to help them find the owner of a lost device, leading you to an apartment containing highly classified informations of the RFA, a charity organisation. 

However, your act of kindness ends up backfiring and now, you are a part of the RFA, becoming acquinted with Jaehee the secretary, Seven the hacker, Zen the actor, Yoosung the gamer and Jumin the cat lover.

You won't realise how deep you'll end up into the RFA and how you'll slowly fall for a certain blonde.

- - Nov 10, 2016
*grabs mallet*
                              SEVEN HOW DARE YOU INVADE MY PRIVACY COME HERE
The building's not the only thing that's big
                              Wink wonk
Sumbodys-Trash Sumbodys-Trash Oct 14, 2016
Well I guess now you have two fans in the chat with you
                              *cough* Jaehee was the first one *cough*
Cyber_111 Cyber_111 Nov 11, 2016
I didn't know it was dyed until I finished the route tho lmao
- - Nov 10, 2016
I will comfort you, my precious cinnamon roll... <3 OH WAIT... You're scared of me huh... *sulks in corner*
anime_4_u anime_4_u Dec 09, 2016
Man you crushed my Black Butler dreams... oh well. It must be... One hêll of an app right? >:3