Amourshipping One-Shots

Amourshipping One-Shots

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Cutecreeper61 By Cutecreeper61 Updated Feb 23

This is just a book or random one-shots that popped up in my mind and that are too small for a book. 


Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or its series (even though I want to.)

hiya2810 hiya2810 Aug 20
I would immediately slap Ash and give him a loooonnnnggg lecture
Clemont's words echo in you're head...
                              There is a time and place for everything Bonnie, but not now...
Cedra2005 Cedra2005 Nov 22, 2016
OH.HELL.NAH!!!! SHE TRYING TO STEAL ASH?!?!? *gathers all the amourshippers and beat her up*
SpaceCatX3 SpaceCatX3 Feb 27
                              H: THE BUSES ARE ALWAYS READY
                              S: no hau...WE BURN HER
SpaceCatX3 SpaceCatX3 Feb 27
Actually god created kingdoms for when you die and they will go to the spirit world and be taught, and if the follow the lord in love and testimony they will live in one of the 3 kingdoms together forever