Amourshipping One-Shots

Amourshipping One-Shots

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Cutecreeper61 By Cutecreeper61 Updated Jan 04

This is just a book or random one-shots that popped up in my mind and that are too small for a book. 


Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or its series (even though I want to.)

Angiethewombat Angiethewombat Nov 20, 2016
What's that thing when your crush likes you? Wait...
Cedra2005 Cedra2005 Nov 22, 2016
OH.HELL.NAH!!!! SHE TRYING TO STEAL ASH?!?!? *gathers all the amourshippers and beat her up*
XxWhiteYvonnexX XxWhiteYvonnexX Sep 17, 2016
Well I turned from a happy fangirling White into something THAT IS SO ANGRY AT SUN AND MOON ASH!!
PokeDragon1212 PokeDragon1212 Dec 30, 2016
I was so mad at Mist that I nearly threw my phone across the room