Quiet Demon (A Danti Fanfic)

Quiet Demon (A Danti Fanfic)

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NyxxiaWrites By NyxxiaWrites Updated 2 days ago

Could you imagine it?

A world mirrored to ours, but instead of just you and me, we were born in halves.

A "Good" child and a "Evil" child. 

Depending on your looks at birth, you are labeled.

Either a "Human", or a "Demon".

Usually, these halves are in a constant loop of bickering and hatred. Circling each other in a fit of anger and frustration. 

Like savage wolves, ready to tear the other to oblivion.

Yet, there are a few pairs that understand and/or tolerate each other's differences. 

Most envy their ability to "put up" with one another. 

The characters you are about to meet.

They are examples of those select few.

They will be forced by the hands of Fate to go through Love, Betrayal, and Pain sooner than they think.

Will their passion and love withstand it to make new life bloom in the vast horizon?

Or will it all come crumbling in an avalanche of sorrow and death?

Read for your self. 

After all. 

I am only just a Quiet Demon...

I like this one where Anti ( and Dark?) arent as evil as everyone says or depicts they r!:):) keep up the awesome work!👍👍😁😁