The Okami Jinchuriki (Naruto fanfiction)*DISCONTINUED FOR NOW*

The Okami Jinchuriki (Naruto fanfiction)*DISCONTINUED FOR NOW*

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WhAtS yOuR dAmAgE hEaThEr?? By LaurenBarbee9 Updated Dec 31, 2016

A okami girl with ears and tail,mysteriously ends up at the konoha gates,unconcious.konoha took her in not knowing of her power and put her in the academy with naruto and the others

Will the academy students find out about her powers or shrug it off that she sometimes act like a dog or wolf?

Will she be ignored or loved like a normal child in the hidden leaf village?

Will the villagers know about her power and judge and hate her like naruto?or will they never know and treat her like a normal child?

Will she find love or just friends?will she be found out and have orochimaru after her again?or will it be the akatsuki?

Read to find out!

(Btw I'm not that good of a writer and I decided to write some kind of story due to my friend in my theatre arts class at my middle school.her name is im_THAT_writer .so go follow her and check her out!she writes markiplier and jacksepticeye stories!also I probobly wont update a lot so this is experimental  and I just started 7th grade at a new school and it will get worse so bare with me!! )

  • akatsuki
  • ice
  • jinjuriki
  • kakashi
  • kiba
  • konoha
  • naruto
  • orochimaru
  • sasuke
  • wolf
LaurenBarbee9 LaurenBarbee9 Oct 03, 2016
@toxic_vervain  oh ya but i really wasn't thinking. next story i make like this one i will try to do different things like that! :P