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A Ghost for a Host

A Ghost for a Host

5.5K Reads 227 Votes 4 Part Story
FrostPhantomNeko loves u! Know that depressed beings all over the world! By FrostPhantomNeko Completed

Danny's family are all killed in the nasty burger explosion and Sam's parents taking pity on him send him to Japan to start anew. But will it stay peaceful. Or will Danny be dragged into what seems to be a... HOST CLUB????!!!!

geekgirl626 geekgirl626 Dec 15, 2016
did anyone not notice because of the Manson's he is rich? #overlookeddetail
CharityWilliams257 CharityWilliams257 Oct 23, 2016
How to get people to join a host club. Step 1 ask if they refuse proceed to step 2 put something expensive on the ground so they break it then they HAVE to join
geekgirl626 geekgirl626 Dec 15, 2016
at least danny knows a demon when he sees one.
                              KYOYA PUT DOWN DEATH NOTE
VeronicaChase VeronicaChase Sep 02, 2016
What's a jet plane? I thought they were separate things 😂😂
OnlyLittle63 OnlyLittle63 Dec 04, 2016
                              Why can't I learn Japanese in a week
                              I've been in class for a couple months now and all I can say is
                              tHAt PeNCiL OveR ThERe Is MInE
                              And hell, I'm still having trouble with that
FanGalXX132 FanGalXX132 Dec 22, 2016
I bet they plotted this as well as Haruhi's way of joining (who else watched the abridged series?)