Wolverine X Reader: Found

Wolverine X Reader: Found

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Abbiculus By actually-satan Updated Sep 07, 2016

You ran through the alleys, heaving and gulping breaths away. The men keep chasing you.
"Leave me alone!" You sob.
"As soon as we have three thousand dollars!" Ugly #1 yelled.
"No!" You yell.

Logan is called in by Xavier, which is odd. Logan immediately jogs to his office, knowing it was urgent.
"Hello, Logan," Xavier greeted.
"Hey Xavier," Logan sat down. "What's up?"
"There's a girl, maybe eight, who has been running away for her whole life. Her backstory is a lot like yours, so I knew that you were the man for the job," Xavier explained. Wolverine huffed.
"Alright. Where is she?" The feral asked.

"Please! Go away!" You yelled. You knew that it was hard for you to live, but you were about to give in. You knew it.
"NEVER!!!!!" They all yelled. You tripped and they tackled you to the ground. Out of nowhere, a large man appeared, claws stabbing Ugly #3 in the back. You closed your eyes and concentrated. The shadows grabbed Ugly #1 and 2 and they were shrunk into nothing. Destroyed.

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BananaSplt BananaSplt Feb 17
Doing an x reader means you put something to mean the readers looks, not make them up on your own.
                              Otherwise this was pretty good