Ask Family!Charisk

Ask Family!Charisk

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Frisk and Chara had 3 bundles of joy. Chrisk, Fhara, and Junior. Chrisk is the fearless guy. Fhara is the beauty queen. and Junior loves music! 

Chara uses they/she pronouns

Frisk uses they/he pronouns.

Chrisk uses they/he pronouns

Fhara uses they/she pronouns

Junior uses they/he pronouns

My drawing sucks >~< but I hope you enjoy!

UndertaleKonata UndertaleKonata Sep 27, 2016
For all three do you like anime if so what are your favorites?
Drunkchara2 Drunkchara2 Sep 06, 2016
Tori: AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! 
                              Asgore: close enough
                              Papy: CUUTTTTTEEEEEEE
                              Sans: I got some sins to give to chrisk and fara 
                              Mettaton: WHAT ABOUT ME?!?!?!?!