My skittle face [Error!sans x Ink! Sans]

My skittle face [Error!sans x Ink! Sans]

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"Your my skittle face and mine alone" he said 

The other skeleton blushed madly and covers his face with his hands

"See there's my candy skull" he laughs

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Audrey_the_trashcan Audrey_the_trashcan Sep 30, 2017
What would the monster be thinking if ink just popped out if painting? Xd
Skythewhitenightfury Skythewhitenightfury Oct 28, 2017
*turns on turn it down for what* "throws mlg glasses at ink*
Kawaiifoxy97 Kawaiifoxy97 Jul 07, 2017
Ooooooooo someone call the fire man because he just got burned
Me and my BFF Jasmine: OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (We are big UT fans)
                              Our normal friends: ..........Le wut?
Jaycastaway Jaycastaway Nov 05, 2017
(My ut fan friends and i yell "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH" while our other friends stare at us in disapproval)