Caught In the Storm (boyxboy)

Caught In the Storm (boyxboy)

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Willow Sinowa By SmexySinowa Completed

A rivalry about a decade old plagues the halls of Regis High School. Soccer players versus football players. The hate for each other runs deep, and it has gotten so bad, it is strictly forbidden for anyone on either teams to be friends. But what about lovers? After Ashton Little, soccer goalie, is forced into a reckless game of Dare against the football team, all he can think about is their quarterback, Daniel "Danny" Fisher. And regardless of the strained tension and unbridled hate Danny seems to have for him, Ashton can't help but fall for those cloudy blue eyes.

Danny Fisher isn't gay. He isn't. There's no way. Then...why can't he stop thinking about a boy? And Ashton Little, his sworn enemy at that! Every night, Ashton's face, his voice, his body, haunts his dreams, and he feels like he's losing his mind. How could he have possibly fallen for the bitter midget with a bad attitude and a serious case of sarcasm? He wants to ignore his feelings, but after getting stuck in detention with the very source of his distress, he can't help but notice that there is a lot more to Ashton than what he thought. And it pisses him off, because it makes it harder to stay away. And to prove to himself and his team that Ashton is nothing but another soccer prick.

Spin-off of Symphony of the Words Unspoken. It stands on its own, but feel free to read Symphony :)

PhantasmataPink PhantasmataPink Oct 23, 2017 a good start
                              Uhh the dares were cool
                              The story crisp..yaya im excited to witness ash and Danny 's journey
rabbit_life rabbit_life Nov 12, 2017
Wattpad u be lookin fine LIKE U SLAYIN BISHES BUT LIKE grey ?
geekiechicforall13 geekiechicforall13 Nov 22, 2017
But if this was in a bedroom with the door locked?
                              "No one knows how far they'd go."
howyoudoin12 howyoudoin12 Oct 30, 2017
okay guys guess I'll be the one to say it....wattpad u lookin real ugly, that grey so doesn't look good on u....
geekiechicforall13 geekiechicforall13 Nov 22, 2017
Every single one of them except for the main character. 
geekiechicforall13 geekiechicforall13 Nov 22, 2017
Oh no
                              I sound like a chicken with how I'm laughing right now