rich kid  » simon minter. [discontinued]

rich kid » simon minter. [discontinued]

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- D By johnshelby Updated Aug 03, 2017

"Your precious little daddy doesn't approve of me." 

"I don't care what he thinks anymore."

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twixiumin twixiumin Apr 05, 2017
I just know what a public school is like from the inbetweeners
trittany trittany Jun 15, 2017
my sister has a friend that has this exact name what the flip flop
Jessiee09 Jessiee09 Apr 17, 2017
When you live in NY you live in one big public school. But I got told stories before I was in middle school that it was a bad school but it wasn't. High school is much worse but you just kind of have a resting bítch face and you're good
- - Jun 06, 2017
Lmao I've always said that if I end up pretty wealthy, I'm still gonna send my child to a public school.
                              They NEED to see what I went through😂😂
sdmnfob sdmnfob Sep 12, 2017
My school is a mess, we've been back in school for 1week and 2 people have already had exclusion for coming into school high. We don't rlly get fights but when there is it always ends up being my year. Also my year is the worst for drugs and alcohol
Jessiee09 Jessiee09 Apr 17, 2017
Can someone explain the British schooling system to me please?