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*DISCONTINUED* You Know, Opposites Attract~// Zanvis Fanfiction

*DISCONTINUED* You Know, Opposites Attract~// Zanvis Fanfiction

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;0; By 0razzle0 Updated Jul 16

"I hate you...." "But you love me too~"
 =============================================================================                                                                                      Just as a warning, not all parts of the story are chapters, as one of them is a oneshot.There is also A/Ns. Lots. Of. A/Ns.

 Now for da boring stuff ;-;
    ~            All characters belong to Aphmau, other then OCs
    ~          Boy x Boy, Don't like, don't read. May contain violence, Smut, or Triggers.

I LOVE how they didn't make Kawaii~Chan seem like a homophobic bish, the author has common sense this time! Yay! Finally, because if they don't ship Zane~Chan, they make Kawaii~Chan's character look bad and it's not too mature. Wtf..I'm commenting this at 4:28 AM, Ki// me. I wanna die now. Byee
Aphmau, darling, my smart, sweet, cheerful, but evil and sneaky b*tch, I taught you well.
A_Wus_Heare A_Wus_Heare Dec 31, 2016
Zane: I think they bought it,spike.
                              *Gets teleported*
                              Zane: W-what?! W-what're you talking about?! I-I was here the whole time!
                              Aphmau: -.-
                              Zane: S-silly Bitch!
Mangledfox33 Mangledfox33 Nov 07, 2016
Zane in shorts? and thigh highs? AND an over sized jumper? omg sign me up mate
I don't have anything against black people but, Travis isn't black SORRY!!!
Loser500860 Loser500860 Oct 22, 2016
Okay so my older cuz asked me what I was reading I think she's on to me