Out Of Love [BTS ff]

Out Of Love [BTS ff]

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fluffy pillows By whoopsiepie6 Updated 6 days ago

"You're Jung Ho Seok's younger sister, am I right?" the man questioned. 

       I pulled my hoodie down to reveal my face and wet, messy hair. I could hear the water droplets rolling down my hair and falling to the ground. "Nae (Yes). I am Jung Ho Seok's little sister."

        I am Jung Hye Soo, Jung Ho Seok's little sister. Yes, THE Jung Ho Seok of BTS. Yes, THE J-Hope of Bangtan Sonyeondan. But no one knows. And no one cares. Including Ho Seok himself. From the day the incident, he's ignored me, spat at me, hated me. Is it out of anger... or out of love?

I swear this kid is the best at stalling like give him an Oscar
I actually like them 😂💗 sorry if I'm blowing up your notifications