The lying llama // Phan (COMPLETED 10/12/16)

The lying llama // Phan (COMPLETED 10/12/16)

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COMPLETED 10/12/16

Dan walks into class one day with a black eye, a burst lip and bruises and cuts up his arm. What is he hiding from Phil?

DilxTabitha DilxTabitha Apr 25
Wow I wish I had a Mr Jones but like nOOO my life has to throw stupid spork teachers at me. Ugh
*Starts laughing* Oh my god abuse buddies! I shouldn't be laughing...should I?
When i came out as bi to my mum, she just laughed and said 'mm yea ok' in a jokingly tone
                              She legit thought i was joking
DilxTabitha DilxTabitha Apr 25
Hahahahahaha who drinks tea these days? Nerds! (Wow I'm such a lad)
DilxTabitha DilxTabitha Apr 25
My life except instead of anime it's dan and phil and instead of Playstation it's more Dan and Phil and instead of sleep,,,, well ill just let you guess what the one is ;)  jkjk it's more dnp
*face-palm* my route is he has an abusive family and he cuts or he fell down a cliff with no clothes or protection