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The lying llama // Phan (COMPLETED 10/12/16)

The lying llama // Phan (COMPLETED 10/12/16)

12.1K Reads 607 Votes 23 Part Story
JustAnotherTeenager By phandildanphil Completed


COMPLETED 10/12/16

Dan walks into class one day with a black eye, a burst lip and bruises and cuts up his arm. What is he hiding from Phil?

killertyler killertyler Sep 21, 2016
why am i listening to time to say goodbye while watching this im
Where do you live, my hometown? (I'm joking but seriously where do you live let me save from those evil creatures)
167Que123 167Que123 Feb 11
I have a teacher named Mr Jones and he acts exactly like that
*takes deep breath*
                              Might as well finish what I started
                              *let's breath out*
                              This wont end well
kjellester kjellester Jan 22
kiss me on the mouth and set me free,
                              but please dont bite~
And this, people, is the reason the closet is still entirely packed...