No More Pain

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Savannah Carloline By Heygirl124 Updated 4 years ago
15-year-old Jillian runs away, beaten and pregnant. But when Daniel finds her on the side of the road, he offers her a place to stay. They live together. but can she keep her pregnancy a secret? Revenge, betrayal and love works its way into Jillian's life. Secrets spill, and so do threats.     Will she break down the wall she has built up? Or will she keep far away from Daniel, and not let the sparks turn into love?
Her fathers an A$$. She deserves better then him and her boyfriend. But when you live that for so long you stop beleiving in better.
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aww so far its sad but it sounds rly interesting, added 2 library & voted!(:
Sad, destructive life. One would think she would want a bf that would treat her the same as the "dad". How is it that she is with mother's bf if her mom is somewhere else?
Good so far! 
                                    I read, commented and voted! Going to the next chapter now!
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@Heygirl124 I can tell you have been, as I said we have to all start somewhere.  A site like this is a great place to learn our craft.
Why is she sleeping on the kitchen table?  They live in a one bed flat, do they not have a sofa?  I can understand and feel her pain.  I am intrigued to where you are going to take this story idea.
                                    You have some great descriptions in this piece.  Good job.