The Hunter's lmprint

The Hunter's lmprint

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Abby Escobar By iwannabeabby Updated Nov 12, 2016

The Hunter's Imprint (Empire Series) 

If Werewolves have packs, Vampires have clans, then Hunters have an Empire.

        Shay Llemark, the daughter of both hunter legends: Shamus and Kiera Llemark is an elite huntress- striving to be one day a Legend just like her parents. One Night, one Senior Huntress was captured by Werewolves. The Lord Hunter made a deal with Shay she cant refuse. If she were to rescue the senior huntress, she would automatically be upgraded into a Legend.

      Woukd she accept? Ofcourse she will, and that would be her first step to have the adventure she will never forget.