Can't Lose You

Can't Lose You

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Nemo By Psychotic_Mind Updated Jun 02, 2017

Violet Zia Fakhoury. Weird but that's my name. I'm Eighteen. 

Single mother (that's what I want everyone believing). 

Adrenaline junkie.

I ooze bitterness and if I started counting people who hated my guts,  I'd be lost

My life was normal four years ago, until one night fate decided to hold some sick feud against me

Everyone i loved were taken from me. My parents. My twin; Sapphire Zayna Fakhoury

Except for one. She was the ray of light through my dark life

Aurora Melek Fakhoury. My baby angel.

Everything in my trashy life compels me to stay away from her. Being anywhere near her puts her to danger and makes her his number one target

I've moved countries to hide away from him, but I know...

It's just a matter of time he'll catch up to me. And he's hell bent on taking my life

But this time, I'll be ready.

I can't lose hope.

I can't lose no more.

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PURPLEleopardKAT PURPLEleopardKAT Aug 20, 2017
I love the cover of this song by Sleeping With Sirend 😍😍
jevan13 jevan13 Jun 02, 2017
Nice description of the items around the characters. It enables me to vividly picture the scenarios.
AbandonedandAfraid AbandonedandAfraid Apr 02, 2017
The first chapter was nice! There wasn't many spelling errors, and the plot was intriguing! Great work! :)
twiztedheart twiztedheart Sep 16, 2016
That's the name of one of my old elementary best friends. :)
kaylynnbuggslee kaylynnbuggslee Dec 22, 2016
Love this chapter, can't wait to finish this book! You are very talented ! You got yourself another fan.
JediWriteKnight JediWriteKnight Dec 28, 2016
This chapter is of a great length, and it makes me want to read on to find out what happened to her loved ones, since she can't let herself get close to anyone, as they may end up the same way. Great description, grammar is a lil' off but that's justified. Great work!