The After-Dusk Queen

The After-Dusk Queen

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Bat-pikachu By Greninja_799 Updated Nov 01

I don't know! Seriously!

This book actually has 27 writers, each writing one chapter for the book. So what happens in the story is a mystery not only me but to all the other writers.


PokemonDesu PokemonDesu Sep 08
omgomgomg that was such a good start :D I getting so excited to write my part hyehuehue :')))) (ps goooo mark~!)
That was a great start. I can't wait to see what all these other creators come up with!
Alderheart Alderheart Nov 05
                              This sounds like a good story. 
                              @PokemonDesu is here, @Cutecreeper61, @Grace_Everdeen, @Typovo, @I_LOVE_AMOURSHIPPING, SO THIS IS GONNA BE AMAZING.
EthanSK02 EthanSK02 Sep 07
                              I did t realise I would have to finish the book! I haven't even finished one of mine yet!
I think I'm starting to have second thoughts about doing this. 😓😐😕
I would ask if i could be a writer but Im not good enough, people say im good but i dont think i am, excpecially love stories, even though everything i write is a love story XD