You Have Two Options: Be Mine OR Let Me Be Yours

You Have Two Options: Be Mine OR Let Me Be Yours

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"Bad guys fall hard for innocent girls"
  "Bad boys+good girls=match made in heaven"
  "Girls who play hard to get are the most interesting ones"
  "Annoyance turns into hatred and it slowly but surely will turn into 'LOVE' "
  " L-O-V-E ". Just thinking about the  four lettered word made me gag and Laugh out loud.
  I'm a B-level player. Now now, don't get confused.
  I don't do one night stands and I despise them with a passion. But I am a guy and of course flirting comes to me like hunger. No wonder in that.
  I take girls to my room of course. But, when things starts to get outta my hand I tell them to leave me the fuck alone. I never wanted to share my bed with anyone. And I didn't know why.

  The day I met 'her'.

  That little, cute, innocent..minion, I knew I was whipped. 
  She captured my heart permanently in a lock and threw the key to the lands of unknown..
  I wanted to 'worship' her, to 'savor' each and every single part of her.
  I wanted to be her 'Protector'. Her 'Knight in shining Armour'. Her 'Prince charming'.
  I wanted her to be "MINE".
   Meet Aurora. A girl who was once  bubbly,ecstatic and a hopeless romantic. Her dreams of building up her own cupid kingdom with her 'Prince charming' demolishes because of him.

  She became the wild and arrogant girl no one would've even imagined.
  But what she din't expect was the twist of her life named Keith.The complete opposite of her in every single aspect.
  Can Keith claim her and fix her heart's  shattered pieces?? 
  Will Aurora go along with the fate's path or will she make one of her own because of her past??

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Craftysoft Craftysoft Sep 19, 2016
Good friendship.....
                              Stay strong,
                              Live long,
                              Have a good bond....forever...😊😊😊😊😊
DormantDevil DormantDevil Sep 15, 2016
I personally just luv just luv the nickname......😂😂😂...... but seriously author! From where from u got the idea!!!.........I so luv it!!!!
Craftysoft Craftysoft Sep 19, 2016
Nice chapter☺ Waiting to see how love blossoms between'em😚😚😚
aishwaryagudur aishwaryagudur Mar 06, 2017
You go girl. That's how you set her nose without even touching it
DormantDevil DormantDevil Sep 15, 2016
Ooh! .......what a group! I mean just think of it. It's a bit way over the top.....haha haha. .....😎😎😎😎
DormantDevil DormantDevil Sep 15, 2016
Ahem...ahem. .....*tries to wiggle her eyebrows and expertly fails*