Fictional character X readers

Fictional character X readers

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Before I start, if you're more into HTTYD literally all my other books are HTTYD character x readers so that might be worth a look :)

Anyway, this is for all you kids with a crush on a Fictional Character. 

I know I do ;)

Requests are open but if I don't write yours straight away, don't worry I will get around to it, I probably just haven't seen the show or played the game, but I will get around to it. Also there will be no lemons, but maybe some making out ;)

This won't be updated as much as my other books, they're my soul focus at the moment. 

Have fun with your characters guys

and-youre-the-sky and-youre-the-sky Oct 19, 2016
Could you do a Jason Grace ((from pjo/hoo)) x reader, and could reader-chan be child of Hephastus or Apollo? If you want more info ((since ik you're running out of ideas)) then dm me/then I'll dm you. ((how do u end requests umm thank bye ??))
_Big_Papa_ _Big_Papa_ Dec 31, 2016
I have a feeling Astrid is watching this and muttering "Damn you (Y/N)