Glassed Hearts

Glassed Hearts

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​A vicious King who aims for the betterment of his people. An ordinary lass entangled within the inevitable loops of politics and royalty. And an engagement like no other.

Caristella is part of a large population of commoners that were invited to participate in the King's three-day birthday celebration. With her amusingly average beauty and unflattering attire she had managed to captivate the King's attention, choosing her as his fiancée in the process.

Three nights of dancing granted her a crown and an estate like no other. A title that would pass down to her descendants until the end of time. A love story that would circle the realm and its neighbors. The story of how a commoner managed to beguile the Formidable King of Eevalon---or did she?
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I like to have a happy end just disney.  Thank you - Update soon
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