The Artist's Skill (EDITING)

The Artist's Skill (EDITING)

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✍️black hole survivor By black_hole_survivor Updated 6 days ago

Everyone was kept at a distance, even those closest to me. I was nothing but an illusion. The persona people knew-a singer that could melt hearts and free minds-wasn't the real me, far from it. My soul was haunted. Destroyed beyond repair because of a damn mistake I made years ago.

Meet Austin Macaskill, the lead singer of The Langoliers. He is haunted by his past and just going through the motions in his present. What happens when he meets a girl that could very well give him a future?

Cover by @sereneur

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marreola18 marreola18 2 days ago
Aww that's horrible. But she seems to be doing a great job of it.
marreola18 marreola18 2 days ago
Amazing opening lines. Just reading this I'm getting second-hand stage fright.
Ha! My imagination just brought tears to my eyes from laughing too much.
marreola18 marreola18 2 days ago
I love the description. I need to be this descriptive in my own writing.
I loved your intricate descriptions throughout the chapter! The story plot is intriguing and the first chapter definitely drew me in. I like Hailey, she is natural as a character. Jules is interesting too. I enjoyed reading this. #commentsquad
Jim_Bepp Jim_Bepp Jul 21
As good as ever, and I think it seems livelier paced than when I last read it!