❤ Searching For The Mafia Heiress ❤

❤ Searching For The Mafia Heiress ❤

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She's an adopted child of Santos'. Santos treat her well but when Mrs. Santos died, Mr. Santos don't treat him well. Everyday, she was abused. But she can't do anything because Mr. Santos is feeding her. 

She didn't know that beating her up was just an excuse so that she won't remember her pasts. 

Until one day, she met the Gangster Prince named, Yves Devon Emmanuelle. He met the man that would put him in so much danger. 

Yves was ordered to search for the Mafia Heiress that is missing. 

What will happen when he knew that the Heiress is with him? What will happen if she gained her pasts back? What will happen if they knew that she's the reason why their friendship broked?  


  • emperor
  • falling
  • fight
  • gangster
  • heiress
  • mafia
  • search
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What?!  Birth date nya Feb 14 , current month December . Tapos sabi nya next month bday nya huh?!
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LuYoon <3 OMG!!!!! I Didn't expect thisss  <3 <3 <3
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Ate pag patuloy mo tong 'finding the Mafia heiress' chuchu, tama ba yung title? Susuportahan ko po to with all my heart. Pwamis po basta LUYOON. ^_^