The 3 Underrated Heroes

The 3 Underrated Heroes

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What would you do if your life was in the hands of the three most irresponsible, annoying, irritating, countries out there?
You'd pray you don't die that's what.

When the Awesome Trio are left to be the 'heroes' of the story will they succeed in saving everyone they care about? Or will they crack under the pressure and die trying?


Hetalia does not belong to me, along with the pictures and songs used in this story. All credit goes to the original creators!!
This story was created by me however.
This has nothing to do with my other series by the way, just clearing that up just to avoid possible confusion!!

Hope you enjoy!!

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When you spy the PruAme and start screeching. I have the weirdest ships
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Everyone will be triggered when I get a car because I will continuously put it on the On Broadway radio station and by then some songs that I actually recognize should be on that station and when one comes on and someone tries changing it I'll be like "bish you wanna get slapped"
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                              I'M GONNA CHANGE YOU LIKE A REMIX
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I feel like I would totally be America in a situation like this