B r e a t h e

B r e a t h e

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xxx By planetkid_ Updated Feb 13

Josh dun. Sick lungs. Tyler Joseph. Sick mind. 

Josh dun has something called cystic fibrosis. He moved to Ohio for a new doctor and moving meant changing  schools. On his first day, the boy who shows him around becomes Josh's first friend. That boy was Tyler. Tyler has something called depression and anxiety. 

Idk I'm not good at descriptions, just give it a try and maybe you'll like it <3 this is a high school alternative universe btw

Also, this isn't like a relationship one (it's more of Josh and Tyler best friend kinda thing for reasons to be revealed) 

As always, friends, stay alive. |-/

Omg someone get a straight jacket these two are soon gonna start having funn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
TylerIsNotDun TylerIsNotDun 5 days ago
t h e   b e s t    o f    t h e    b e s t    ,    p u t    m y    h e a r t    o n    m y    c h e s t
Uh last night I went to bed at 9:30 p.m. and fell asleep at 3:00 like wtf sleep y u no like me?
I literally came here after watching 5 episodes of supernatural like what
uh my mum take 27 pills 3 times a day. mama dun I know how it feels
Chloe_Pont Chloe_Pont a day ago
That is me!! Staying up late watching Supernatural and regretting it in the morning is what in best at 😄