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Sitting in a quiet room full of girls who where dressed up nicely hoping to be chosen by a daddy the doors open in we all stood up I stood up straight as the handsome man walked to the front of the room a light skin tall man kept his eyes on me I looked down 

Looking back up I saw a handsome darkskin walk in he looked mean instead of doing the same as the other men he walked around the room admiring girls , the  girls where being so desperate they stuck there butts out I shook my head in kept my hands behind my back he walked over to me 

I felt butterflies in my stomach he looked me up in down in I took a deep breath " follow me " he said in a deep philly accent I kept my hands behind my back in followed him out the room 

Following him down the hall he went to the front in grabbed a few papers from the lady at the front desk " sign these papers " i did as told he signed them as well in turned them in walking outside he walked me to his car , it was nice he opened the door fo...

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NaeeMinaj__ NaeeMinaj__ Nov 05, 2016
I would have jumped over that seat like shidddddd you ain't Gotta Ask Me Twice Nigga Come Clean Ya Plate
_omeeka _omeeka Sep 12, 2016
Lmaoooo hoe goals ... Be the best at whatever you do I guess
_omeeka _omeeka Sep 12, 2016
Nigha I will go through it and delete everything the only thing you would have left is yo mama number play with me
JadaTamiaMaraj JadaTamiaMaraj Feb 15, 2017
I remember when nicki dabbed😂😂😂 I was cringing so hardddd
Iconicki Iconicki Sep 05, 2016
I am confident that listening to this while reading I Endorse These Strippers is the right way to start it
Durkio_World Durkio_World Sep 18, 2016
Omfg I can't stop reading this part lmfao I'm 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😂