just desserts : ryden [✔]

just desserts : ryden [✔]

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❈ mia ❈ By evoldaddy Updated Dec 11, 2016

" i will protect you, even if it means i cant protect myself" 

brendon created this punk rock image for himself in high school, and he has embraced it considering his last image was the dorky, gay kid with a bad haircut and acne 

ryan doesnt deserve what hes getting. he is rarely let out of the house considering pete is afraid he'll run away. but he still finds time to go out and one of those times he meets brendon.

who can treat him way better 


based off the song "just desserts" by marina and the diamonds 

tw : abuse, rape, transphobia, homophobia, panic attacks, swearing


ItsMegically ItsMegically Dec 03, 2016
Sure it's not the jet black heart? 😅 oh shot in the only 5SOS fan here? Okay bye!
american idiot has played four times on my spotify today and it hasnt stopped help me
ItsMegically ItsMegically Dec 03, 2016
Yeah.... I always think so too :D but hey they will never know right?!
joyridingtragicianox joyridingtragicianox Nov 20, 2016
well im binge reading practically all of them and waiting for updates,,keep going,!