Chewing gum (Willy Wonka x Reader)

Chewing gum (Willy Wonka x Reader)

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So don't make me hate you

I won't hesitate to 

Spit you out like old chewing gum

I love chewing gum~

Its pretty cool, i love the part of the note 😂❤❤ please continue it
It's funny how he says 'but that is frowned upon by most societies ' when a theory for the original movie is that he kills the children to put them in his chocolate. I'm sorry, I had to...
to be honest, i don't have a preference of chapter length because making it too short, you leave things out. making it too long, you'll add things that aren't necessary (my personal experience)
confidence: something i do not have & probably will never have. ;-;
because im trilingual! i speak english, spanish, & of course, gibberish! x3