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His skin was so exposed along with those muscular arms and that nice chest and abs that were kept in shape through landscaping. They were completely inked up with the tattoos that only made him sexier. His wet hair curling and making little waves that I yearned to pull on. I was embarrassed, there was no doubt, but I was dumfounded and I didn't have the will to look away from him. He smirked at my reaction as he approached a shivering Ariella.
"Do you like what you see, Queen," he whispered as he walked towards me in just a towel.

I had to bite my lip to stop it from trembling though I noticed he misinterpreted it when he slammed his body against mine, holding me by my waist with both hands. I dug my nails deep in his chest, trying to control my yearning soul on the beautiful chest. He groaned in delight at the feel of my nails on his skin and swayed his hips back and forth, left and right into me. I felt a sudden bulge form between us and it felt great as he rubbed it against my body. I had to bite my lip, and this time it was to not let a moan escape them.

We were panting like crazy and his hands had roamed all over my back and somehow landed on my ass. He gripped my butt cheeks like his life depended on it and used it to move my hips in rhythm with his. His hard and rough hands gripped hard on my bottom but it felt great. I loved it. Our lips were inches from crashing into eachother. Inches. We were seconds away from going way further than this. Seconds. But for the sake of my own sanity and morals, a knock on my door interrupted our sweet moment.


The story of broken, insecure girl named Ariella Hunters who finds it hard to love anyone including herself but goes against her town hierarchy and decides to fall in love with the school's low social status badboy, forming a very hated relationship but loved by them. Will Ariella learn to love? Or will she follow her towns social status norms?

  • badboy
  • bullying
  • love
  • romance
  • selfesteem
  • selflove
  • teenfiction
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Chubby_Bunny222 Chubby_Bunny222 Nov 16, 2016
How they gon call her a fata** when I can tell you right now she probably hot as a b*tch.
Chubby_Bunny222 Chubby_Bunny222 Nov 16, 2016
Wtf? Her weight is fine, her height is pretty average for girls nowadays too. Wtf wrong with everyone?
LARIN17 LARIN17 Jan 08
That girl sounds so beautiful actually 
                              R u kidding me those ppl who hurt her r disgusting not her 😭😭😢😢 ur beautiful ari :)
Lisa-MarieRodrigues Lisa-MarieRodrigues Oct 04, 2016
Honestly till now I think I love ur book and Im not that fat or anything it's the way you explain the thoughts in her head
LARIN17 LARIN17 Jan 08
U know the mom seems like she does love her daughter tho just isn't a good mom tho can't believe she lets her son do that and she doesn't support her daughter :(