Bub (C.A.L.M. Aka ot4) (AGEPLAY)

Bub (C.A.L.M. Aka ot4) (AGEPLAY)

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hemmo0402 By hemmo0402 Updated Oct 27

When Little 15 year old Luke bumps into a certain someone on the streets, the last thing he expects is to become best friends with him and his boyfriends... And maybe more


Warning: slight age gap, multiple lovers, contains age play. Please do not read if you don't like that stuff, and I don't want any hate on my story. Thanks

Love_NOT_Gender Love_NOT_Gender 6 days ago
I'm a girl. But I don't like to identify. I believe that girls, guys, others, gender neutrals ,transgender...etc. should be equals in relationships. A female can get the door and buy chocolates and pay for dinner and be the strong one just as much as the stereotypical guy role.😊
I this doesn't seem rude, but I just wanted to point out that you switched between Calum being the baby and Luke being the baby during this chapter.
Oohhhhhh i love it already!!!!! Ples uodate nd can u pm me i need help with something and i guess we could just talk to!