Bub (C.A.L.M. Aka ot4) (AGEPLAY) (Discontinued...I'm sorry)

Bub (C.A.L.M. Aka ot4) (AGEPLAY) (Discontinued...I'm sorry)

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hemmo0402 By hemmo0402 Updated Mar 26, 2017

When Little 15 year old Luke bumps into a certain someone on the streets, the last thing he expects is to become best friends with him and his boyfriends... And maybe more


Warning: slight age gap, multiple lovers, contains age play. Please do not read if you don't like that stuff, and I don't want any hate on my story. Thanks

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daneekap1 daneekap1 Jun 14, 2017
Cows eyes on the inside are pretty because of how blue they are and the blue part inside it to
BabyLouis32 BabyLouis32 May 20, 2017
ME BITCH MEEEE. Just bringing up ageplay the first time I talk to someone because it is literally my heart and soul
_hamartithia _hamartithia Sep 09, 2017
bîtch i want someone that will be in my fandoms with me lol 😍🗣 @Space_Groupie ily daddy thankeeeee
BabyLouis32 BabyLouis32 May 19, 2017
Same. Same. I just- I wanna be littleeee *thrashes legs and hugs my stuffed giraffe* whyyyy
_hamartithia _hamartithia Sep 09, 2017
damn getting right to it okay 
                              Calum: "Luke, do you know what age play is?"
                              Luke: "Nah, fam."
                              Calum: "Oh."
                              ROLL THE CREDITS
_hamartithia _hamartithia Sep 09, 2017
"but I'm not a baby, i'm a big girl"
                              me @ daddy when he calls me his little princess 👸🏼