OMG A Book! (Randomness 3.0)

OMG A Book! (Randomness 3.0)

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Picklez By DoctorPickles1087 Updated 5 hours ago

Welcome, welcome all, to the third annual hungah games!
(Sorry, I had to use the accent :P)

(Just kidding!!!!)

Welcome to mah house.

* * *

Hallo, Wattpadian mortals and immortals and fangirls and fanboys and muggles and wizards and humanoid creatures of all kinds!

My name is Picklez, and I am a very dorky teenage girl with anger issues, protective parents, a bratty sister, who currently hates everything.

This should be interesting.

Hope you enjoy my crappy life! :D

marshycakes marshycakes 2 hours ago
*le gasp* 
                              Buy, if you wanna plan a funeral, here are the steps:
                              1. Find the dead body. If you don't have that, substitute with a stuffed giraffe.
                              2. Dig a human sized hole
                              3. Put the body in the whole
                              4. Bury it
                              5. Tell people to come over
                              6. Place bags of Doritos on their "grave"
I read a short story about it, edited by Garth Nix.
                              Garth Nix is bæ.