♢ Mystic Messenger Hell ♢

♢ Mystic Messenger Hell ♢

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Mimi By sailortwilightt Updated Sep 20

You download this app called Mystic Messenger to talk to cute boys and suddenly this person with an "Unknown" username has suddenly started telling you to go to some apartment to return the phone!

Once Unknown helped you (practically break in) get into the apartment, your phone gets spammed by the Matrix and suddenly, you're in a chat with five very handsome people.

Actor daddy Zen, Business daddy Jumin Han, Hacker daddy 707, Smol bean Yoosung Kim and Secretary mom Jaehee Kang. 

Now you're roped into making a party within ten days and are stuck talking to this very hot people...

Whom one of which YOU can get with

in short, welcome to your own personal hell

This book is a collection of hints, tips, chats and one shots all about your problematic favs

#252 in fanfiction (honestly, how?)

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charmolypii charmolypii Sep 01, 2016
Who's your favorite? Mine would probably be Yoosung or Zen, heh...
FanGirlLife123456 FanGirlLife123456 Oct 23, 2016
I am already in hell. My friend Faith and her "twin" my other friend Madison are co-rulers of Hell. I am their servant.
neverlanded neverlanded Sep 01, 2016
I saw this pop up in my notis and immediately thought the game was hacking my wattpad omfg
BlackBulletChan BlackBulletChan Oct 08, 2016
I know how you feel about dragging others XD I did with like 5 + people lol!
adrienette_is_otp adrienette_is_otp Oct 03, 2016
Currently downloading the app and lowkey really hyped about this
FairyTail_Kitty FairyTail_Kitty Nov 09, 2016
I don't have a phone so I can't play it but I have seen gameplays of it and comic dubs of it and I am now in hell... I haven't even played the game and it brought me to hell wow... DANGEROUS