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want, longing      

 "ι'м proтecтιɴɢ yoυ ғroм нιм."  

Were the words he told me. At first, I didn't believe his crazy banter, the way he went on and on about some mysterious man- whose name he won't tell me. I believed he was crazy; the one who's been stalking me the whole time, but he has the scars to prove it..     

 Aaliyah Turner has found herself in a ditch, that she's trying to dig herself out of. She's had the strong sense that someone has been following her around, watching her every move. She constantly looking over her shoulder, and is always in a state of paranoia. One night, she's kidnapped, and is added to the list of missing person's cases at the police department.   But her kidnapper has a reason for doing what he's done..     

 "someone's trying to kill you." 

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After years I finally know what the name of the title means and how to pronounce it 😂😂
gamechanger360 gamechanger360 Apr 20, 2016
This was really good! It really grabbed my attention, can't wait for the next part!
ChiChi_Royal ChiChi_Royal Sep 07, 2015
Oh my gosh... That was an amazing start... Already got my butt on the edge of the seat on the first three pages... Thumbs up to you!! :)
keepfaithh keepfaithh Jul 26, 2015
Woahhh...this was a very intense chapter. I love it already!!
prettyjuicy prettyjuicy May 08, 2015
I'm ready into this story Girl .... I just love it, I guess Ima be up all night.
-lovebound -lovebound May 29, 2014
This is my second time reading it ! I'm addicted ! Hell , it's even in my Reading List titled " A D D I C T E D  "