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Ameliorate By Infinite_Infires Completed

"You're finally smiling and it's over make up. You're so pathetic." He started laughing as I punched his shoulder lightly, also laughing along.

"No you're the reason why I'm smiling, short stuff." I grinned, looking in the mirror and seeing his lips form into a smile.

Book 1:Succulent 

Book 2:Limerence

~Completed~ 2/1/17


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jungsh00k_ jungsh00k_ Jul 27
2nd time reading this book and it's even better than the first time
3mma7olle 3mma7olle Oct 22
I read this as "Daddy Kai" and almost had a heart attack😂😂😂😂
anu4340 anu4340 Jul 03
My heart and soul scream tae but my mind says jimin. AHHHHHHH IM SO CONFUSED. Pls pray for me and send help🙏🏽
Ahhhh!!!!i missed her sooooo much even tho i just finished the book awile ago😂😂
Um if I remember correctly then tae you told her to go and you never went to the airport to say goodbye and you never picked up her fuvking calls!!! I pursed my lips, my chest rising up and down quickly.
You just said you guys havent spoken in 5 years, who's fault do you think that is...?