Limerence | Taehyung

Limerence | Taehyung

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.*~Ameliorate~*. By Infinite_Infires Updated Nov 30

5 years ago, Nova left her friends and family back home as her and Jimin flew to America to go to college. Years pass by, Nova is no longer in school and decides to come back home to see everyone for the first time in years. She then meets the same person who once changed her perspective of life. But there's one problem. Is there somebody new in his life?

Announcements and new arrivals change everything for Nova. Will she regret ever coming back?

Book 1:Hajima
Book 2:Limerence

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In the last book I was so #TeamTaeAllDay but I'm staring to be #TeamChimForTheWin. #i'mconflicted
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MY CRUSH, BIAS AND BIAS WRECKER FREAKIN-- ahh I can't do it. On the edge of crying pls push me
-owonder -owonder 2 days ago
But you see, I wasted loads of tears through the previous fan fics (:
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What the heck Taehyung, what's your excuse this time? 😡😡
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AWWWW Why can't I have a boy like you in my life
                              Where can I order a Park Jimin *Maybe from his parents*