regret rejecting me yet alpha?

regret rejecting me yet alpha?

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meet nicole white she is the beta's daughter.Her parents died in a car accident.They blame her because she was in the car and talking to her dad who was driving. her brother is ganna be the next beta.... even though nicole is the beta's daughter the soon-to-be alpha Alec jacob moved her down go omgea.She is anorexia skinny but she isnt anorexic she is starved,she is forced to wear baggy or ugly clothes even though she has crop tops,shorts, and dresses.she wears beanies so she can hide her rainbow hair

meet alec jacobs, he is a player ,man-whore and ana sshole.He has not met his mate yet but he is dating the pack slut Brittney.He moved nicole down to omega because he believes she is the reason the pack didnt. have a beta male and female for a while.He is the quarter back for the football team and he has all the new male fashion but his favorite things are basket ball shorts,high tops,snap backs,and beanies.

what happens when alec rejects the packs omega? will she leave or will she leave and come back?

read the book to find out!!!!