Pacif-iplier [Septiplier Mpreg]

Pacif-iplier [Septiplier Mpreg]

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han By MiiWorldImagination Updated Apr 14, 2017

Cover made by @CatParker0 :') Thank you!

"That's not our baby," I frowned. I lifted Tiny up at the nurse's nod, and smiled as she snuggled into my chest, making sleepy gurgles and grabby hands.

"This is our baby," I said, gesturing to my baby. Jack nodded, looking down at the other baby in his arms.

"I know."

"Who's that then?" I asked, and Jack raised his head to frown at me.

"Our other baby. Didn't you know, Mark? We have twin girls," he smiled. My expression didn't match his.

"W-Wh- How?! Who?! When?"

Jack was laughing so hard the nurse warned him not to hurt himself. I was gobsmacked; looking from one baby to the other, I came to my senses.

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Welcum2ZePanSide Welcum2ZePanSide Jun 19, 2017
Can I name it Billy? So if it causes trouble, we can stay screw you Billy
YoursSincerly69 YoursSincerly69 Sep 04, 2016
That last comment is too true. Babies are lovely and cute when sleeping but can be absolute horrors
Marrllrn12 Marrllrn12 Mar 02, 2017
Eliza and Alex 
                              Where have I heard that before
                              oh yes
                              I need help
danny-moved-accounts danny-moved-accounts Sep 11, 2016
I'm also imaging Jackpegasus laying there instead. (Jackpegasus = Jacksepticeye as a Pegasus pony.)
Candymlp12 Candymlp12 Sep 22, 2016
You won't be fat, Jack, you'll just be too fabulous for your clothes to handle.