Your Alive?  (CielxLizzie)

Your Alive? (CielxLizzie)

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Angela_Vargas By XxAngelic_RebelxX Updated 4 days ago

Five years after Season 2-
      Elizabeth Midford -Soon to be Elizabeth Goodwin-  doesn't want to get married. Especially not when it's not to her love, Ciel Phantomhive. But.... he's dead, has been for the last 5 years. He's gone. Or so Lizzie thought. What she never expected was to be captured on the day of her wedding by a strange man dressed all in black. And she definitely did not expect that man to be the fine, faithful butler of the supposed deceased Earl Phantomhive. Why is Ciel not dead like everyone said? Why did he come back now? What did he want with Lizzie? And who is that strange girl that is always around Sebastian?

Seriously?! You can't leave me on a short chapter! Update!!!!!!!!