VanossGaming Crew Scenarios

VanossGaming Crew Scenarios

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Vanoss: Guys guess what, I heard Y/n likes us!
Basically: Yeah I can't wait until she reads this book!
Wildcat: Same so I can show her how much I love her!
Mini Ladd: Back off fam she's mine!
Delirious: obviously Y/n likes me! 
Lui: no me!
Terrorizer: No guys she likes me! 

Author: boys, boys, you'll find out who she likes when Y/n reads the book. 

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[     ] -no x reader request

Cover by @DeathByClowns

*Please mind the spelling errors and grammar mistakes and slow updates sorry about that*

VeveComa VeveComa Aug 04
................... hehehehehehehehehehehe the sins are real..... hehehehe this sentence is being said, typed, and thought of by a 13 year old athiest (me)
megan3hunna megan3hunna Aug 05
the first thing i do is look at the cast and i see brians is "the guy who cant play video games" and i died XD
QuestionCyber QuestionCyber 3 days ago
Very smooth lui.. Like icecream thats kinda melted.. I'll go home
*hold up cross* Be Gone Devil! The Power of Christ compels YOU!
deathbyclowns deathbyclowns 5 days ago
*starts reading the bible with candles around me*
                              *splashes holy water around me*
                              "What are you doing...?"
                              "MOM GET OUT I'M GETTING RID OF THE DEMONS!"
Hey at least he being honest plus I would stare at sweaty boobs too.......sorry the prev in came out