Waiting For You Little One (BoyxBoy)

Waiting For You Little One (BoyxBoy)

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Daddy Of Smut By BoyxBoySmuttyness Updated Feb 15, 2017


Alpha Derrek had just turned 18 and was officially announced alpha when he was hit with the most delicious smell ever. Sweet roses and ripe peaches. He followed his nose around his pack house when he reached a locked door. He would've knocked but he was to happy to.

Instead, Derrek kicked down the door and ran into the bathroom where a woman was bathing her young son. Derrek smelled the woman, who would've screamed if it was anyone but her alpha, but all he smelt was lavender. Not sweet roses and ripe peaches. His mate was close though and he was going crazy. 

It was then that he turned to the five year old in the tub. Derrek scooped up the boy and lifted him into his arms. Sweet roses and peaches. He immediately got an erection and needed to mate. The boy was confused. He leaned into his alpha's touched and shivered at the amazing feeling. He felt tingly and like he was on the best weed ever. 

The alpha knew it was wrong to make love to a five year old and placed him in his mother's waiting arms. He walked away sad. He locked himself in his room to waiting for his young mate.


Some content may seem to mature for some audiences. If you do not like sexual activity between to men, do NOT read. This is your fair and only warning.

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Antiplier99 Antiplier99 Nov 15, 2017
He knew how to get it out of him sounds like something i would say lol
falling_in_reverse11 falling_in_reverse11 Oct 09, 2016
I thought he shoved his penis inside his mouth. I was like damn!
Blackish_moon Blackish_moon Sep 05, 2016
One chapter and already loving thiiis!!! 💙💙 keep up with the great job man. And btw would you check out my story as well? If you dont mind ofc! 💕💕