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🎁MĮŠTŁÊ TØÊ🎁 By Purely_Platinum Updated Dec 09, 2016

Yes, from very interactive visual novel to insanely interactive wattpad rp, I promise to stay in character as best as I can! 

The LOLOL servers are updating the game so I wanted to talk to you ^^
~Yoosung Kim's reason for being here

Since they were forced to give me a free day and I had no specific plan, I wanted to talk to you lolol❤️
~707 (Luciel Chai)'s reason

The director gave me a day off so I wanted to spend it with you, maybe you can help me practice my lines for the movie(there's no white heart emoji yet)
~Zen (Hyun)'s reason for being here


Name: Ivanna Zaskya Ferreira Conti, Username: *Suffering*.
                              Age: 21.
                              looks: Unicorn. Looks will be revealed later...
Name: Nora
                              Username: Galaxy
                              Age: 21
                              Looks: Waist long brown hair, One brown eye and one blue eye. She hides her blue eye with her side bangs.
                              Crush: Seven
                              Other: She's a singer if that's allowed ^^
AdorableRose100 AdorableRose100 Dec 06, 2016
Name: Rosie 
                              Real Name: Rose Hiroshima 
                              Gender: Female 
                              Age: 21 
                              Looks: my profile picture 
                              Birthday: October 31st 
                              Likes: videogames, cats, coffee, music, singing, dancing, acting, and writing 
                              Dislikes: bullies
Izzy_Dragneel Izzy_Dragneel Dec 04, 2016
Name: Shu 
                              Real name: Isabella Flare
                              Gender: Female
                              Age: 21
                              Looks: TAG!
                              Birthday: April 24
                              Likes: Unknown
                              Dislikes: Unknown
Dark_Angel_24 Dark_Angel_24 Dec 10, 2016
Name: Aria
                              Gender: female
                              Age: 22
                              Looks: (pm)
                              Birthday: July 24th.
                              Likes: reading, writing, music, coffee, anime.
                              Dislikes: Shopping.
                              Height: Slightly shorter than Jumin.
                              Username: _Ari2407_
                              Occupation: She works with Jumin and Jaehee. On Saturday she plays guitar and sings at a cafe.
Autumn_Dragneel Autumn_Dragneel Nov 25, 2016
Name: Bay
                              Real name: Baya Stones
                              Gender: female 
                              Age:just turned 21
                              Birthday: December 19
                              occupation: College student and Author
                              Like: to smile, other
                              Dislikes: being in uncomfortable situations