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Yes, from very interactive visual novel to insanely interactive wattpad rp, I promise to stay in character as best as I can! 

The LOLOL servers are updating the game so I wanted to talk to you ^^
~Yoosung Kim's reason for being here

Since they were forced to give me a free day and I had no specific plan, I wanted to talk to you lolol❤️
~707 (Luciel Chai)'s reason

The director gave me a day off so I wanted to spend it with you, maybe you can help me practice my lines for the movie(there's no white heart emoji yet)
~Zen (Hyun)'s reason for being here


Allo Love! Could I bother you with asking if I may tag you in my form?
Name: Liela
                              Age: 22
                              Gender: Female
                              Looks: Profile pic
                              Crush: !707!
                              Other: She likes cats
Name- Gia Han
                              Age- same as Saeren and Luciel 
                              Gender- female 
                              Looks- short brown hair, and green eyes 
                              Crush- Saeren ((It just changed))
                              Others- little sister of Juman Han
Name: Mina-Jee
                              Age: same as Rika
                              Gender: Female
                              Looks: Wavy blond hair, lime green eyes, 
                              Crush: Saeran
                              Other: Is Rika's biological twin sister, but never met her, and she a librarian
                              Am I too late?
Name: Siam
                              Age(Korean): 21
                              Age(International): 20
                              Gender: Female
                              Looks: Send u in PM
- - Jul 15
Jinx Leasüle
                              She has short messy brown hair that turns blue towards the ends, her right eye blue left eye green, often wears an eevee shrit and jeans 
                              Others- she managed to tame a water moccasib which usually is wrapped aroubd her neck