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H o m e w o r k  { Yandere! Teacher x Reader }

H o m e w o r k { Yandere! Teacher x Reader }

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Merp By Merrpi Updated Jan 14

Everyone was Gone. They were Either D E A D or R A N  A W A Y. You stood in front of the school, looking around desperately for any signs of another person. You finally excepted that there was no one left. 
    "I have to get out of here! What am I doing standing around?!" You frantically scolded yourself.
    You started to run, your E/C eyes filled with tears. You suddenly heard footsteps from behind you, and turned around. There stood your Biology Teacher Mr. Hirota. He was holding a sharp kitchen knife, and his head was Twitching Violently. "Mr. Hirota..? Is that you..?" You called out, wanting to make sure.
    "Sweetie, It IS me...! Do you like my Gift..? Now we can be with each other... No One can judge us... And more importantly, no one can take you from me."

[I own NONE of these pictures. All credits for the images belong to original creators. Cover made by @CamsterHale!]

curious_panda_ curious_panda_ 7 days ago
My hair I always "perfect" (as people around me say), and I don't even own a straightening iron.
Yep if he's cute there's got to be something wrong with him😑
......*rubs eyes*am I dreaming or did I (we) just bump into a hot guy......*snorts*yeah I'm probably dreaming.....
It me like two seconds to brush and iron because I have super thin hair. Sounds great right?! Except by the middle of the day I have giant pieces of my hair sticking out and I can't curl my hair because my hair is so thin that the curls won't stick. Ugh!!! 😾
cweppypasta cweppypasta Mar 01
Oh the anime cliché that NEVER really happens in real life!
If only my school looked like that....but no I'm stuck with jail looking school...*pouts*