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Just A Little Joke

Just A Little Joke

7.2K Reads 343 Votes 18 Part Story
Naruto By Uzamaki22 Updated Jan 21

Naruto wants to perform another little joke that involves him changing himself as someone else. But what happens when a little joke gets to serious? Does Naruto have to continue it forever, or does he have to come clean? Based after Naruto and Sasuke come back to the village together. In this Naruto and Sasuke's arms are fine.
Paring in later chapters and possible mpreg, don't like then don't read. As for the people that do, welcome one and all XD
  I've rated this story as mature just in case it is a mature story. It will have blood, but not graphic detail and fighting scenes. Thank you for taking the time to read this

AshTinCan AshTinCan Oct 22, 2016
Idk man, maybe cuz you have the same blood type as... idk... yourself?
Moonlight_112 Moonlight_112 Sep 23, 2016
WHAT?! NARUTO, HOW DID YOU THINK OF SUCH A JOKE?! Aren't they going to be surprised.....😂😂😂
Uzukageheir Uzukageheir Sep 29, 2016
what u did with the blood test was a great idea and shows how good the transformation jutsu really is
JusteCamille JusteCamille Nov 20, 2016
Way to over think this. For a joke, this is way to detailed! XD But I think that Naruto would actually do this! XD
101cupcakelover 101cupcakelover Sep 23, 2016
I hate blood tests 😨
                              Whenever I look at the amount of blood they're taking (which is frikin 5 big tubes!) I feel dizzy and start to cry XD 😅
SpitefulQueen SpitefulQueen Oct 02, 2016
... is it just me or is this bishie smarter than me and possibly 80% of the world population...