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Roleplay with Jeff!

Roleplay with Jeff!

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❤Strawberry gashes❤ By NightMare6666 Updated Dec 18, 2016

bunch of different scenarios with the same character!

XxAlleinxX XxAlleinxX Feb 05
                              cold, shy, secretive, still slightly sane
                              Reading, quiet
                              Loudness, stupid people, being lied to
                              Wears a blue mask with blacked out eyes and black swirls, brown hair, brown eyes, light skin, wears a green hoodie, jeans, and converses.
                              Jeffrey isn't sane
lucy_hearts_ lucy_hearts_ Oct 18, 2016
Name: Akio death
                              Gender: female
                              Personality: lifeless cold heart less
                              Likes: blood stains
                              Sub or Dom: sub
                              Looks: slashed cloak white and silver hair with streaks blood stains on cloak and red eyes
JackieWoods16 JackieWoods16 Dec 09, 2016
Maddie woods
                              Gender: female 
                              Personality: cold,heartless, psycho Crazy 
                              Likes: blood,taking bath in her victims blood,  Music,
                              Dislike: Getting caught
                              Looks: Profile Picture
                              Password:Jeffery Isn't sane
(My oc)
                              Bloody jay
                              Personality: stubborn, cold,nice, feisty, sweetheart at times
                              Likes/dislikes: find out
                              Looks long black hair blue highlights
                              Wears a black blue Long sleeved shirt ripped jeans boots 
                              Password: Jeff isn't sane😎😎
_-TinaDrawz4U_- _-TinaDrawz4U_- Oct 20, 2016
Name- Tina
                              Age- 16
                              Gender- Female
                              Personally- She is kind, smart, hyper, fun, insane when triggered
                              Likes- Cake, waffles, cats,etc...
                              Dislikes- Bullies
                              Sub or dom- Sub
                              Looks- Can i tag you?
                              P- jefferey is not sane(i dunno if thats how you spell it)
blanksranks blanksranks Oct 17, 2016
Name: net cipher
                              Gender: male
                              Personality: loner, emotionless, a bit sadist
                              Likes: blood
                              Dislikes: carefree people
                              Sub or dom: dom
                              Looks: black hair tall where's a suit that looks like it half done (NO over coat) and yellow eyes