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Roleplay with Jeff!

Roleplay with Jeff!

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❤Strawberry gashes❤ By NightMare6666 Updated 3 hours ago

bunch of different scenarios with the same character!

Name: night
                              Gender: girl
                              Personality: quite, nice, can heartless at times
                              Age: 17
                              Likes: blood, anything scary, drawing, tv
                              Dislikes: annoying people, brothers
                              Sub or Dom: what does this mean.....?
                              Looks: has black hair, yellow eyes, red and black shirt with black pants
                              Password: Jeffrey is not sane
XxAlleinxX XxAlleinxX Feb 05
                              cold, shy, secretive, still slightly sane
                              Reading, quiet
                              Loudness, stupid people, being lied to
                              Wears a blue mask with blacked out eyes and black swirls, brown hair, brown eyes, light skin, wears a green hoodie, jeans, and converses.
                              Jeffrey isn't sane
lucy_hearts_ lucy_hearts_ Oct 18, 2016
Name: Akio death
                              Gender: female
                              Personality: lifeless cold heart less
                              Likes: blood stains
                              Sub or Dom: sub
                              Looks: slashed cloak white and silver hair with streaks blood stains on cloak and red eyes
JackieWoods16 JackieWoods16 Dec 09, 2016
Maddie woods
                              Gender: female 
                              Personality: cold,heartless, psycho Crazy 
                              Likes: blood,taking bath in her victims blood,  Music,
                              Dislike: Getting caught
                              Looks: Profile Picture
                              Password:Jeffery Isn't sane
(My oc)
                              Bloody jay
                              Personality: stubborn, cold,nice, feisty, sweetheart at times
                              Likes/dislikes: find out
                              Looks long black hair blue highlights
                              Wears a black blue Long sleeved shirt ripped jeans boots 
                              Password: Jeff isn't sane😎😎
_-TinaDrawz4U_- _-TinaDrawz4U_- Oct 20, 2016
Name- Tina
                              Age- 16
                              Gender- Female
                              Personally- She is kind, smart, hyper, fun, insane when triggered
                              Likes- Cake, waffles, cats,etc...
                              Dislikes- Bullies
                              Sub or dom- Sub
                              Looks- Can i tag you?
                              P- jefferey is not sane(i dunno if thats how you spell it)