Lament of the Traitor King (The Exquisite Poison)

Lament of the Traitor King (The Exquisite Poison)

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K. Gentry-Blackwood By SabineBlackwood Completed

Sharp, merciless, ugly.       Erotic, emotional, heartbreaking.

 For nearing a hundred years, Neith "Netta" Oleander has run from the nightmare she most fears. She never forgot what It did to her.  Or how, once, she thought that she could turn a Monster into a man.
 In spite of this not being a happy ending, Netta believes that she has earned this normal life.  After all, she has known true cruelty and fear in her childhood.  Even more, she believes that she is safe from the Monster who became the embodiment of her greatest fear. Netta's weakness in the face of a naive love. 

 And a taboo, all consuming lust.
  It is when she is welcomed back home that Netta realizes that she was never free. Had not truly escaped the secret world of Witchcraft, the whispered promise of taboo eroticism, of magic.  

As surely as magic sings in her blood, it enchains her, drags her back into the shadows she had once thought she could flee.  After all, this dark, secret world - where the danger of bodily possession runs concurrent to great power - is her heritage. 
  Perhaps it is time for this wallflower to fear at least one Monster.  A wild, unpredictable male, whom she had once cherished as her best friend. 
           //This is the author's preferred version of *Exquisite Poison*, not a sequel, and contains in-depth revisions as well as additional content.  This will be the second draft that is free to read at the moment, with a planned final draft to come for sale one day.\\

  • adult
  • betrayal
  • complete
  • dark
  • drama
  • erotic
  • familysecrets
  • fantasy
  • forbiddenlove
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  • horror
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  • suspense
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imaroyalbitch imaroyalbitch Nov 09, 2017
I’m not an average Jane I’m an average Bella😂😂😂💁🏽
ForeverAddictedByYou ForeverAddictedByYou May 17, 2017
I've not even started the book yet and you have me hooked... the very last paragraph... thank you.
MistressOP MistressOP Nov 17, 2016
It''s not gauche to ask sometimes everyone needs a light in the dark.
ThatOneSunflowerGirl ThatOneSunflowerGirl Nov 23, 2016
I can't be the only person who thinks this is an awesome idea?
MistressOP MistressOP Nov 17, 2016
You know you really have a way with this army stuff. lol Half the time I am just shocked to see people reading lol