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Sabine Blackwood (Sabi) By SabineBlackwood Updated 2 days ago

When your childhood memories offer no comfort, can solace be found in your nightmares?
Netta has  a problem and his name is Ashwood.  A Monster, he knows the Witch Netta better than anybody else.   He plans to keep it that way, because, after all, they are closer than friends.  Or at least, they once were.  No matter how she may try to forget it.
Ash has spent the near-immortal Netta's hundred years mercilessly tormenting her, teasing and seducing.  Threatening with intimacy, playing on long repressed, but never expressed, hungers.
When Netta receives an invitation back to the life she was exiled from, she is forced to think of a cooperation with her once-childhood friend as a lesser evil.   To take power offered, eagerly, from someone who may wish her something far worse than death.
Still, Netta should have nothing to fear.  After all, how hard can it be to keep a creature as selfish and cold as Ash at arm's length?
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MistressOP MistressOP Nov 17, 2016
It''s not gauche to ask sometimes everyone needs a light in the dark.
ThatOneSunflowerGirl ThatOneSunflowerGirl Nov 23, 2016
I can't be the only person who thinks this is an awesome idea?
MistressOP MistressOP Nov 17, 2016
You know you really have a way with this army stuff. lol Half the time I am just shocked to see people reading lol