Little Miraculous ***DISCONTINUED***

Little Miraculous ***DISCONTINUED***

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MaxtheCat By Evenstar09 Updated Aug 13

Marinette didn't always like life under the sea. It was all so boring and not as cracked up to be as it seems, but the human world? It seemed amazing. Her father and court said no, but Marinette didn't understand.  How could a world that seemed so wonderful be bad? 

Adrien always wanted to live in the ocean. He was a prince, but sailing was as close as he could get to really living there. He loved the tales of the deep, the myths and legends of old, of mermaids, sea creatures, and dragons. What Adrien didn't realize was that these stories weren't just myths. They were real. 

Two people meant for each other, but divided by the deep sea. One longing to be human, the other wanting to live in the ocean, both given the opportunity. What they don't know is that you only miss something when you don't have it...

I do NOT own any of the characters, and only a few ideas, but the plot is MINE. This is a Little Mermaid-Based Miraculous Ladybug AU fanfic. 

I also do NOT own the fanart on the cover, I can't draw. That's from my friend @LoueeTommo

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