Dance for Me

Dance for Me

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Jasmine By slowlocks Completed

Hello! This is obviously a rated r story with some sex scenes. It's also the first I've ever written, so please be lenient! Tell me if you like it.

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As I surged through the dim-lit club full of loud moans and soft gasps, I glimpsed briefly at the scenes before me. The hot air mixed with the smell of blissful sex was apparent. Long, lean legs wrapped around golden, glistening poles as females pressed against each other, some barely clothed while others completely nude. Both men and women on their knees sucking away the last remnants of the addicting flavor on their tongues, while ongoing eyes watched as others revealed their bodies by stripping away small pieces of fabric -- all of it lit before my very eyes.

Bright, multi-colored specks of light bounced across the room as I continued to walk on, my mind only searching for one dancer in particular. My mind paid no attention to the nude dancers circling their hips around the...