Little Things - Sans x Frisk

Little Things - Sans x Frisk

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When Frisk climbed Mt. Ebott, she had expected to simply be erased from existence. But instead, she awoke Underground, and found herself in the hands of creatures she had never imagined in her wildest dreams.  

She begins on her journey through the Underground, coming across some unexpected new friends along the way. One friend, in particular, is there to guide her along the entire way. But when her mind is enveloped in a prison of darkness and her Determination seems to have disappeared, will she be able to pull through just in time, with him by her side? Or will she fade from existence, just as the seven humans before her?


UNDERTALE is owned by Toby Fox.
COVER IMAGE edited by me. I do not own the original image.
PLOT/STORYLINE belongs to me. The events in this story are not canon and are simply for the entertainment of myself and my readers. Please do not steal.

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I think he would have a deeper voice though, like in the song "To the Bone"
*flashbacks to understrum, drop pop candy, anything song related to shutupadachi voice acting sans*
it wound sound amazing fam. trust me. you ever heard undertale the musical, its raining somewhere? with steels voice as sans? it would be like that gorgeousness... but better
anonymous_glitch anonymous_glitch Aug 31, 2016
*squeak This is awesome! I can not wait until the next part! :D
DragonzRawesomE DragonzRawesomE Aug 31, 2016
Okay, the next part will be up shortly! Glad you liked it! 😃