Obsession (Scorbus)

Obsession (Scorbus)

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♥︎ By _peachytae Updated Oct 23, 2016

Set in Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy's fifth year at Hogwarts...

From the beginning Scorpius had taken an interest in Rose Weasley, but she had always shown clear signs of hate to him. This is why both Albus and Scorpius are taken aback when she asks him to the ball. 

Albus, who is madly in love with Scorpius, decides to investigate further out of jealously and shock, but is even more startled at the truth his actions lead to.

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PuellaBellator PuellaBellator May 10, 2017
Who else would most likely bring like 3 backpacks or something to put stuff in? One for robes, one for lined paper and pencils (im not buying a scroll of old fashioned paper or a feather to do homework) and one for other stuff?
siren-host siren-host Aug 22, 2017
Wait I thought Harry excelled at potions in his sixth year with Professor Slughorn.
PuellaBellator PuellaBellator May 10, 2017
I saw this story and thought it had 160 parts and I just sat there horrified before realizing that's how many comments it has
rareandfruitfulmeme rareandfruitfulmeme Oct 02, 2016
I'm not screaming and crying and sqeauling and oh my god oh my god I'm not ok
hedwigeomfndm hedwigeomfndm Sep 03, 2016
I love this! Keep it going!
                              And also, I have a scorbus fanfic as well if you would like to check it out
ragnhildwrites ragnhildwrites Jan 04, 2017
Actually they don't take their trunks from the train, but you know. It's not that important