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Dream Guy ~ Septiplier

Dream Guy ~ Septiplier

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Mom By ScarletVuur Updated Feb 05

'Dreams are better than reality'

'When you fall in love with your own character that you made up in your own mind, What would happen?
Would you do everything to stay with them? Or let them go?'

Chuck_A_Cupcake Chuck_A_Cupcake Sep 07, 2016
Oh ye why is mark out of no where warring really baggy cloths?
AFunkMunk AFunkMunk Sep 09, 2016
Man, if only I had this much control in my dreams, all the things I could do x3
Sorry to be a buzzkill but it's an alcoholic not a alcoholic
IGirl666 IGirl666 Sep 05, 2016
This is a BRILLIANT concept for a septiplier book... My only question... Will... There. .. Be... SMUT???
The births are singing so beautifully today, just like there heads are rolling up in the backs of there eyes
DemonicaUnderworld DemonicaUnderworld Sep 06, 2016
I keep thinking at some point Jack is going to imagine mark with his shirt off and it'll just go from there... i read to much smut