Raped, No Teacher You Can't Help

Raped, No Teacher You Can't Help

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" Don't make no fucking excuses!. What did you tell Mrs. Dawson?!" he asked pulling out his whip 

"No.. nothing father" I said studdering

" 5 whips for lying... She called here and said you needed a ride and something about your ankle.. I want you to stop faking! pull down your pants and panties now" he said sounding disappointed..

" But father I promise you I didn't tell her anything! I swear to you!" I said crying.

" Justin and Dustin come hold her down please!" Father Avery said to them.. 

And that's what they did.. They pulled down my pants and then panties.. Father Avery Struck me with the whip 5 times .. making me bleed with each hit.. I couldnt move after he was finished I just laid there crying..

" No food for 3 days. No talking to anyone. No looking at anyone. If I hear of anyone of those things. I'm killing you.  " He said walking away..

I cried as I barley made my way to my room . I laid in bed on my stomach as I ache.  I couldn't move.. I ran me a hot bath and laid in it for a while but that didn't help.  There was no help for me.. No one wants me here on earth

Why won't he kill me?!.. I don't deserve to live any longer. 

I laid in bed and cried myself to sleep .. 3 days without food.. I'm going to starve .

Just a few more months and I can be out of this place. 

After Killing Her Mother In A Car Crash 17 year old Bianca Father Abandoned Her. Now A Family Of Powerful And Cruel people are raising her. They Beat And Rape Her when they please. but a new teacher. is in town and trying to help Bianca, but there's one thing holding m

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rebelgirl46 rebelgirl46 Jan 23
Sounds like something my grandfather would have said" oh yeah when I was younger we had to walk 30 miles to school uphill in snow" so stupid
PercyJacksondemi PercyJacksondemi Nov 15, 2017
I hate humans too... but not in a like bad way... like you... I don't hate them enough to hit em with a WHIP( nae nae jk ) I like animals more Idk why.. wait I do know why... it's because humans are cruel
rebelgirl46 rebelgirl46 Jan 23
30 miles really really don't you find that a bit excessive and not realistic like at all
rebelgirl46 rebelgirl46 Jan 23
Yeah you're going to walk 30 miles to school everyday with your foot turn the opposite way I get that you're trying to make the point that she's severely abused but you need to stay in the realm of possibility cuz you're like way outside the realm of possibility into the unbelievable
^^ precisely. Agreed! Like not saying I don’t love the story but this is all unrealistic, and I’m sorry if I anger anyone!
Jam-inless Jam-inless Jan 29, 2017
I really want to read this book a 2nd time but I can't cause I get so emotional